Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How is "Insurance Adjusting" different from " Public Adjusting"?
  • Answer: The first answer to this is what is the simple definition of adjusting? Which is- "To assess (loss or damages)when settling an insurance claim." Pretty simple and straightforward, BUT in the 2nd or basic definition of adjust lies the difference in an F. Boyle Adjustment Service adjustment and an insurance company adjustment- "To alter or move (something) in this case the true scope and true costs of damages, in order to receive the desired appearance or result"- In this case having the funds necessary to bring the property back to "pre-loss condition. In some cases the property can be upgraded to an increased or better condition. The short answer is unlike your insurance company, we adjust ONLY with you our client/the insured in mind. We approach a loss by investigating, inspecting, evaluating your policy, and estimating ALL provable, coverable damages you would be entitled to. F. Boyle Adjustment Service LLC wants only to provide you with value and will only take on your claim if we can.
  • 2. Should I first try and get the recovery on my own and contact F. Boyle Adjustment Service after "things go poorly" or I'm not satisfied with the settlement?
  • Answer: No, although we welcome the chance to represent you on an insufficient offer or poorly adjusted loss, it is definitely not advisable for you the insured to try and "be the adjuster" as we call it. We have seen many cases of 10's or even 100's of thousands of dollars of unrealized and justified insurance compensation completely missed by home and business owners attempting to take on the process alone. Call F. Boyle Adjustment Service first!
  • 3. Will my insurance company penalize me or do I get a black mark for using the services of a Public Adjuster?
  • Answer: Absolutely not. We are licensed and regulated in the state of NJ to represent, advise and assist on home and business property damage losses. This is a long accepted practice. The field of Public adjusting sprung up as a natural result of the playing field with insurance companies being leveled in fairness for you the consumer. As a result Public Adjusters have been helping insureds for many decades.
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